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General Resources

COVID-19 Guidelines

Check our council’s current COVID guidelines before planning any troop activities.

Membership Registration Forms
Permission Forms
For a complete summary of all permission forms, please reference A Troop Leader's Guide to Permissions.

Annual Forms

Complete the following forms annually with your troop. 

  • Annual Permission Form 2020-2021 - REQUIRED. Permission for girls to attend troop meetings and basic troop outings. Leader brings to all Girl Scout activities. 
  • Cookie Permission Form 2020-2021 - This form must be completed for girls to participate in the cookie program each year. This form is kept on file in the council office. (Must be submitted by December 1!)
  • Ways You Can Help - Optional form for parents and guardians to state how they can assist and support the troop.
  • Vehicle Information Form - Required when a volunteer is driving girls to or from activities. Leader & drivers keep copies of the form for each driver. 

Activity Forms

These forms are completed on an as-needed basis.

  • Overnights or Extended Trips Permission Form - Must be submitted to leader for each girl attending an overnight or extended trip. Reminder, when planning an overnight or extended trip, leaders must submit a Special Activity Application (online or hardcopy) to GSSI four weeks in advance for approval.
  • Sensitive Issues Permission Form - Before covering any sensitive issue, either within or beyond the scope of the Girl Scout program resources, the troop adult volunteer must obtain council approval. Parents/Guardians should also be aware of the content of program before it is presented to the girls. Therefore, written approval by a parent/guardian is required for each girl to participate in any sensitive issue program or activity. 


Safety Procedures & Forms
Troop Activity Resources
Troop Outings

Community Partner Programs

Activity Resources for Leaders


Troop Funds

Bank Accounts

Money Earning

Girl & Adult Awards

Recognition and Certificate Request -For girl and adult awards

Individual Girl Awards

Highest Awards

Troop Awards

Adult Awards

Past Award Recipients

Scholarship & Grant Opportunities for Girls


Volunteer Resource Guides