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Bridging awards mark a girl's transition from one leadership level to the next. An exciting time in a Girl Scout's life, the earning of the award and completion of the activities are designed to emphasize the continuity of one Girl Scout program and to welcome girls to an anticipated "next level." Our Bridging Kits contain everything you need to celebrate these special events!

Each kit contains a bridging award patch, certificate, membership star and disc, bridging pencil, and a bridging fun patch. (Junior and Cadette kits include Brownie Wings.) Brownies, Seniors, and Ambassadors kits are $8.00 each; Juniors and Cadettes are $9.75.

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The My Girl Scout Kit includes all the essentials your girl needs for each grade level for just $60 and a free drawstring bag! Each level may choose from a kit with a sash or a vest.