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For Cookie Volunteers

As an adult Cookie Volunteer, your role is critical in the success of our girls!  Here are some important resources just for you.

Cookie Program Publications

2020 Leader and Volunteer Training Videos

New & Returning Cookie Volunteer Training

Family Cookie Training

ABC Smart Cookie Quick Reference Training

YouTube Links:

  1. Girl Registration
  2. Volunteer Registration
  3. Troop Secured Booth Request
  4. Initial Order Entry by Variety
  5. Create & Manage Recognition Orders
  6. Troop Initial Cookie Order Entry by Girl
  7. Troop Planned Order
  8. Troop to Girl Transfers
  9. Girls Selling Cookies Online with E-Card
  10. Girls Dashboard
  11. Individual Girl Order
  12. Managing Girls in a Troop
  13. Financial Transactions
  14. Reports
2021 Cookie Publications - UPDATED LINKS COMING SOON
  • 2021 Cookies 101
  • Smart Cookies Training Schedule
  • Set Your Goals - Cookie Recognition Items
  • Cookie Patches
  • Your Guide to the Cookie Program
  • How the Cookie Crumbles
  • Cookie Nutrition Information
  • Smart Cookies Flyer
  • Cookie Rally Guidelines
  • Virtual Cookie Rally Guide
  • SMART Cookies Registration Tips for Troops
  • Bling Your Booth 2021