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laptop05_32 At Home Badges & Patches

Girl Scouting doesn't have to stop because you're stuck at home! Did you know several components of our many awesome badges can be done while you're at home during this time? Below are ideas for each grade level. We will post new activities each week, so be sure to check back often!

To earn your badge, girls should complete each step listed for each week. Once you've completed a badge, click here to request it! Each badge is $3, but during this time GSSI will cover the cost of mailing them to you. (Payment must be completed through the form.) You can also use this form to submit photos of your work, or send them to us on Facebook!

Daisies - Grades K-1
Week 1: Outdoor Art Maker

Week 1: Outdoor Art Maker

1. See the Colors of Nature: Make a colorful painting outdoors. On a sunny day, set up a place to make a painting of what you see outdoors. When you are finished, drip lemon juice on your painting and once it dries talk about how your painting has changed! 

2. Hear the Sounds of Nature: Make a Maraca! Using an old plastic water bottle, masking tape, dried beans or beads, makers, stickers, Wrap the masking tape around the water bottle and decorate it. Then fill it with the beans and shake your maraca to make a special dance! 

3. Share your Outdoor Art: Make a Leave No Trace Picture: Leave No Trace means that you are helping to protect nature. Draw a picture or painting of yourself helping the environment! 

Week 2
Brownies - Grades 2-3
Week 1: Home Scientist

1. Be a Kitchen chemist: Salad dressing is science in action. Combine 1 tsp mustard, 1 tbsp vinegar, 1/2 cup olive oil, salt and pepper in a container with a lid. Shake well and watch closely as the dressing gets smooth! (Go one step further and create a salad and top with your delicious creation!)

2. Static Electricity: Blow up the balloon and tie the end. Rub it on your hair. Then hold it close to a ping-pong ball. When you move the balloon watch the science magic!

3. Will it Sink or Float? Pour soda into a glass and drop 6-7 raisins in the soda. Watch them for a few seconds. Do they sink or float?
(How does it work? At first, they sink, but then the bubbles from the soda fill the wrinkles in the soda and lift them to the top!)

4. Make Something Bubble Up: Take the top off of a 2-liter bottle and place it on the ground outside. Open a roll of Mentos candy and place them on a piece of tape so you can drop them all in the soda at the same time. When you are ready, drop them in the soda and stand back. The soda will erupt because of the carbon dioxide gas created by the rapid reaching between candy and soda! (Be sure to stand back and do this in an open area!)

5. Play with Science- Make Giant Bubbles: You will need a cotton string, a large plastic tub, 2 plastic straws, 1 cup dishwashing soap, and 4 cups of water. Cut a long piece of string and run it through the two straws. Tie the ends of the string together and then slide the knot into the middle of one of the straws. Mix the dish soap and the water in the plastic tub and use your straws as a bubble wand!


Week 2: Outdoor Art Creator


Outdoor Art Creator

1. Find Art Ideas Outdoors- Go outside with a pen or paper and write down words or draw picture of what you see, feel, hear, and smell. Do you see pictures in the clouds, shapes in the flowers? 

2. Make Something! Leaf Rubbings: Go outside and collect any large leaves that you find. Using a colored pencil, crayon or chalk, place the leaf under a piece of paper and gently color over the leave to see the beautiful detail. 

3. Dance or Make Music Outdoors: Make an earth song. Go outside and use the sounds you hear to help create your song. You can even change the words to a song you already know and like. 

4. Be a Nature Photographer: Take pictures of nature and share them with your friends and family! 

5. Design with Nature: Create a mini garden. Using old egg cartons and start your own seeds inside! Then  plant them outside once they start to spout. 

Juniors - Grades 4-5
Week 1: Entertainment Technology
Entertainment Technology

1. Animate your Own Artwork: Make a flipbook. Take a pad of paper or find an old paperback book with margins you can draw in. Then draw something in the exact same spot on each page, moving it slightly each time. (So a ball might move up a tiny bit each page and then move down the same way.) Flip through your pages quickly and the ball bounces up and down! 

2. Dig into Video Games Development: Use a free downloadable program like to create an interactive story or game using the characters they provide. 

3. Try the science of amusement park rides: Catapult some stuff! Make a catapult out of household items, like a ruler or yardstick for a lever and a thread spool or banana for fulcrum! Then have a marshmallow or Ping-Pong-ball launching contest!  Check out the Fetch! catapult activity sheet called " Target Practice" at

4. Create Your Own Special Effects: Play makeup artist: Check out Youtube to learn a new makeup technique and try some of your new techniques on a family member! 

5. Experiment with Sound Waves: Make a ringtone for yourself or a family member. Play around with GarageBand or any similar computer program that lets you layer various instrument riffs together. 

Week 2: Outdoor Art Explorer
Junior: Outdoor Art Explorer 

1. Explore Outdoor Art: Create an art piece outdoors to show a new kind of wildlife: maybe a bullfrog with a wide tail to fan itself or a pigeon that grows a fur coat when its cold! Get creative! 

2. Making Something: Make salt dough impressions using 3 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water, food coloring (optional) and parchment paper. Gather items from outside to make an impression on the dough, then using a straw, make a hole at the top of the dough so it looks like an ornament you can hang. Bake the dough at 275 degrees on parchment paper for 2 hours! 

3. Find Music in Nature: Make a rain stick using items around the house or make rainy day music by recreating the sounds of a thunderstorm. 

4. Be a Nature Photographer: Find an outdoor space that you love and photograph it at three different times of the day. How does the light change in the photo? 

5. Design with Nature: Design a terrarium in a recycled container! 

Cadettes - Grades 6-8
Week 1: Science of Happiness
Cadette Science of Happiness Badge

The Science of Happiness

1. Make Yourself Happier: Count Your Blessings! Whether in your mind, in a journal, in an original piece of art, take a moment to reflect on all the good things in your life.

2. Think Differently for Happiness: Take the Authentic Happiness Survey

3. Get Happy Through Others: Make a collage, video, or painting that shows how much someone means to you! Explain to them why you made it and what it means. Another option could be to write a forgiveness letter to a teacher, family member, or friend and ask them to forgive you for something you might have done wrong. 

4. Do a Helpful Happiness Experiment: Develop a survey for your family. Create questions about ways they might make themselves and feel happy and ask them to agree or disagree. An example question could be "I like to share my talents with others" When you're done, compare how you all find happiness in different ways.

5. Create a Happiness Action Plan: Create a Bliss Box. Write some of your happiest memories on scrap pieces of paper. Then search for photos and quotes that make you smile. Put them all into your "Bliss Box" and when you start to feel down, open it up and read your happy moments! 


Week 2: Outdoor Art Apprentice


Cadette: Outdoor Art Apprentice 

1. Explore Art Outdoors: Head outdoors and find a scene that you like. Write about it or sketch it in color. Record everything you observe then go outside and record everything again at a different time of day. How did things change? 

2. Make Something: Use berries or plants to dye a shirt, tote, scarf, or whatever you can find in the house. Dissolve 1/2 cup salt in 8 cups of water then add the berries to make the die. For plants mix 4 parts cold water to 1 cup white vinegar and add the plants. Beets work great too! 

3. Sounds of Nature: Write a rap or poem about something in nature that inspires you! 

4. Be a Nature Photographer: Find animals and insects that camouflage into their environment and photograph them.

5. Design with Nature: Create a sunbather, sundial, windsock, or pinwheel using items around your house. Then put them item outside!

Seniors - Grades 9-10
Science of Style

Science of Style

1. Test Skin Care and Makeup: Evaluate and test two different makeup brands. Try each three times and record data like how long it stays on, how it feels on your skin, or if the finish is matte or shimmery. Do the physical properties or ingredients affect how the product works? 

2. Examine the Science Behind Fabrics: Learn how fabrics are made with this short video

3. Explore the Science Behind Hair Projects- Look online and find out the four C's of a gem and what they mean. 

4. Investigate the Sociology of Style: Develop and sketch what your vision is for future style and trends! 

5. Formulate Future Style: Use recycled products from around the house to make a piece of jewelry or an outfit! Have a family fashion show! 

Outdoor Art Expert


Senior: Outdoor Art Expert 

1. Explore Art Outdoors: Find art outdoors and make a sketch or write about how the art makes you feel. 

2. Make Something: Find 5 things that do not belong in nature and create a collage to inspire others not to litter. Remember to wear gloves! 

3. Create Music Inspired by Nature: Learn three camp songs about nature and teach them to younger girls through a virtual video! 

4. Capture Nature Digitally: Create an outdoor music video using songs that reminds you of nature! 

5. Design Outdoors: Design a maze or labyrinth of your backyard. 

Ambassadors - Grades 11-12
Outdoor Art Master


Ambassadors: Outdoor Art Master

1. Explore Art Outdoors: Create a black and white piece of art indoors. It can be a photo collage, sculpture, or any visual art you can think of. At the end of the badge steps, take your black and white art outside and re-create the piece of art using the colors you see around you in nature. 

2. Make Something: Build a kite or solar balloon by looking online for instructions and using items around your home. 

3. Find Music in Nature: Record different kinds of sounds outside and them mix and layer the sounds to make a song. 

4. Be a Nature Photographer: Create a visual diary of the outdoor spaces in your life over the next couple of days. 

5. Design with Nature: Design a landscape visual for your home. Research sustainable landscaping and redesign a space outside.