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Volunteer Recognition

Thanks, Girl Scout volunteers, for giving girls unforgettable "I can't wait," experiences!

Girl Scouting and the girls you mentor are grateful to you for dedicating your time, energy, and talents to providing girls I CAN'T WAIT opportunities that help them grow strong values, confidence, and courage.

Whatever your volunteer position, your hard work means the world to girls, to council staff, and to Girl Scouts of the USA. We’re calling on all members of society to help girls reach their full potential, and you’ve answered that call. So thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Just as you’ll receive support throughout your volunteering experience, when you reach the end of the term you signed up for, you’ll talk with your support team about the positive parts of your experience, as well as the challenges you faced, and discuss whether you want to return to this position or try something new. The end of your troop year, camp season, overseas trip, or series/event session is just the beginning of your next adventure with Girl Scouting!

GSUSA and GSSI have formal recognitions and awards, as well as informal ways to show appreciation. 


Current Adult Awards and Nomination Process

Table of All Adult Awards

Description of GSUSA Awards includes link to submit nominations

Description of GSSI Awards includes link to submit nominations

GSUSA Letter of Endorsement PDF

GSUSA Letter of Endorsement Online submission


Adult Membership Numerals

Request your Numeral Guard (in increments of 5 years)


Ways to Shows Appreciation to Adult Volunteers


Past Awards Recipients