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Adult Learning

Adult Learning

Better prepared volunteers make happier volunteers, which makes more successful program delivery, which makes Girl Scouting more fun and effective for all!

GSSI offers many resources for our volunteers to learn at their convenience.  Some courses are offered online while others are available by request. See below for more information about our classes.

If you are just starting out as a troop leader, you will need to take GSSI's Job Briefing online classes as soon as possible to get started having fun with your girls. See description below for more information on the modules and how to register to view them.



Printed scripts are available for most online modules. Contact us for more information.

Job Briefing

This series of learning opportunities is designed to prepare volunteers for their positions. Depending on your role, you may need to take one or all of these modules.

For NEW co-leaders, 

Girl Scout Basics (12 minutes) 

This module describes the basics of our local council policies, support system, and resources.

Troop Management (20 minutes)
This module takes a deep dive into the management of troops, including recruitment, logistics, finances, and paperwork.

Follow-up Meeting with Mentor (Your mentor or service team will contact you to set up a meeting lasting about 2 hours.)


For RETURNING volunteers

Refresher (15 minutes)
This annual module is designed for returning volunteers to review and update important information in the areas of Program, Safety, Finances, and Troop & Event Management.


To access these modules, register here for each of the trainings.

Girl Scouting's Highest Awards

Girls and adult volunteers interested in the highest awards will learn about the requirements for the individual age-level Girl Awards (Bronze, Silver, Gold), and how to help the girls plan for successful completion of them. You will need speakers or headphones. 

To view the required Gold Award Orientation, CLICK HERE. (35 minutes)

To view the Silver Award OrientationCLICK HERE. (34minutes)

To view the Bronze Award OrientationCLICK HERE. (23 minutes)

Basic Outdoor Skills

This course is designed to equip volunteers with the skills they need to utilize Girl Scout program effectively in an outdoor setting. The activities included could be done at troop meetings, parks or backyards, to familiarize girls with outdoor activities. Topics covered in this class include fire building, simple outdoor cooking, and environmental and safety issues. This class is a requirement for any outdoor cooking. Online recertification needed every 3 years. The class has two parts: online module (30 minutes) and skills session (6 hours)

On The Go

This course is designed to show adult volunteers how to help girls plan age-appropriate overnight experiences. Topics include: adults' responsibilities on overnights or trips, how to evaluate if your group/troop is ready, how to involve your group/troop in planning, as well as guidelines, checklists and forms to review when preparing for an overnight activity. This class is a requirement for all overnights, including slumber parties, lock-ins, backyard campouts, hotel stays, cabin/RV camping, etc. Online recertification needed every 3 years. The class has two parts: online module (30 minutes) and classroom skills session (3 hours).

Troop Camp Training

Pre-requisites: Basic Outdoor Skills (must have 6 months practice) and On the Go. This overnight course teaches more basic skills of outdoor camping, including tent care, lanterns, camp stoves, program planning, and more. It is a requirement for volunteers wishing to take their groups/troops outdoor camping (other than backyard camping). (Saturday morning to Sunday noon) Online recertification needed every 3 years. This class has a required online module (40 minutes).

First Aid & CPR

First Aid and CPR certification is always recommended and may be required for activities other than meetings. Training must be kept up-to-date as required by the certifying organization. Information on when certification is required and by what organizations, is found in the Volunteer Essentials handbook.