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Adult Learning Margaret Dennis 312
Activity Insurance Emily Bolenbaugh 310
After School Program (EVSC 21st Century) Angie Schu 303
After School Program (series and events)

Gretchen Helm
Sarah Lasiter
Awards (Adult) Margaret Dennis 312
Awards (Girl) Kara Messersmith 330
Bank Account Process Emily Bolenbaugh 310
Camp Koch, Property Dan Hayden 812.719.0021
Camp Koch, Reservations Emily Bolenbaugh 310
Camp Pathway (weekend, day camps) Angie King 303
Camp Pathway (specialty camp) Gretchen Helm 331
Contracts, Building Use Forms Donna Hodge 313
Cookie Program Melissa Rynkiewicz 323
Cookie Dough Anita Smith 301
Community Outreach (booths,fairs) Angie King 303
Corporation (Organization, Board of Directors, etc.) Jan Davies (CEO) 319
Corporate Volunteers Angie King 303
Email Distribution List Chris Goodman 302
Family Giving, Donations or Grants Pat Bateman
Jessica Cottone
Flag & Equipment Reservations Sarah Lasiter 307
Katie’s Korner Council Shop Becca Steele 306
Library Resources Margaret Dennis 312
Membership Registration(girl or adult) Ulrica Sims 309
Membership Angie King 303

Online Membership Portal

Chris Goodman
Ulrica Sims

Outdoor Education Certification Margaret Dennis 312
PDQs (Programs Done Quickly) Kara Chappell 330

Aimee Stachura
Kara Messersmith
Publicity Stacey Godbold
Trudy Foroughi
Registering for programs & classes Front Desk Front Desk (Anita Smith) 301
Scouterships Emily Bolenbaugh 310
Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) Stacey Godbold 318
Special Activity Application Emily Bolenbaugh 310
Troop Fundraising/Money Earning Donna Hodge 313
VAP (Volunteer Application Process) Emily Bolenbaugh 310
Volunteer Resources (eNews, Volunteer Essentials, Safety Checkpoints, forms) Margaret Dennis 312
Web site

Trudy Foroughi
Stacey Godbold