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Graphic Guidelines

Girl Scouts has both iconic colors and shapes that identify the organization.All of us who communicate about Girl Scouts play a role in protecting the brand identity and in using it to spread the word about Girl Scouting! Here are some guidelines to use in communicating about Girl Scouts:
1. When do I need to use a licensed vendor for merchandise like a t-shirt, bag, etc.?

Product Sale Regional Licensed Vendors must be used when merchandise is:
a.  for resale
b.  to be given away at fee-based events or activities, including camp.
All promotional and marketing materials, products, and designs—both in print and online—must be GSUSA approved.
2. When can I use a non-licensed vendor for merchandise like a t-shirt, bag, etc.?

Non-licensed vendors may be used when merchandise is
a. not for resale
b. not involving fee-based activities, including camp
c. for internal/staff needs, recruitment, promotions, program materials, gifts, awards, or recognitions. 
d. for troop/group/service units and purchased with group funds and given to every member at no cost.

Councils are responsible for providing one-time-only approvals for these products and ensuring that product graphic guidelines are followed:
a. choosing safe and appropriate products, designs, and themes
b. adhering to branding specifications
c. customization needed for councils, volunteers, troops/groups, service units, and members (council name, council initials, city, or state and may also include specific troop or service unit identification)
d. ensuring quality workmanship
e. confirming compliance with governmental regulations (e.g., CPSIA testing requirements).
3. How do I use council logo/Girl Scout logo?
  • The logo should appear on every flier, letter, or product that communicates about Girl Scouts.

  • It must appear in the upper left-hand corner of a document.

  • Margin and/or clearance area around the service mark is determined by the height of the “g” in the service mark itself.

  • Never change the configuration of the Girl Scout or council logo.

 4. Which font shoud I use?

  • Always use Arial as the font on all Girl Scout communications/fliers/products.
  • The Arial font includes Arial Rounded MT Bold, Arial Black, Arial Narrow, and Arial Unic
5. What about colors?
  • Green, black and white should always be used as the predominant colors.
  • Girl Scout green is PMS355 or r0, g174, b88
  • In addition, age-level colors can also be used:
Daisy (blue)--c80 m10 y0 k0          
Brownie (brown)--c0 m60 y100 k65          
Junior (purple)--c53 m100 y0 k0          
Cadette (red)-- c0 m98 y85 k7          
Senior (orange)--c0 m70 y100 k0          
Ambassador (yellow-orange)--c0 m40 y100 k0          
Volunteers (gray)--c0 m0 y0 k30

 6. What is the correct way to talk to/write about Girl Scouts?

  • Always use “Girl Scouts”—never “Scouts.”
  • Begin each level of Girl Scouts with “Girl Scout”-i.e., Girl Scout Daisy, Girl Scout Brownie, etc.
  • Girl Scouts as an organization, is always singular, i.e., “Girl Scouts is the leading expert on girls’ healthy development.”
  • In talking about Girl Scout members, you can use a plural, i.e., “Girl Scouts in Daviess County are selling cookies….” 

7. How should I use graphics and photos?

Photo Cropping Guidelines:

  • An image with 80% girl and 20% background feels immediate/personal.

  • An image with 20% girl and 80% background shows contex/activities.
  • Sketchbook illustration is personal and on brand.
photo guidelines-photos only  Photo guidelines-photos 

  Brand Assets You Can Dowload and Use

Right-click on the following images and save-as to your computer.

1. GSSI servicemark

GSSI servicemark

2. Girl Scout logo in several color configurations:

GS logo Black on white

GS greenonwhite

GS logo WhiteonBlack 


GS logo whiteongreen

GS logo black on green      

3. Profiles

The profiles cannot be altered in any way. If you use the profiles, the Girl Scout logo or GSSI's logo/servicemark must also appear on the document.


4. Trefoils
  • Use the trefoil creatively.

  • Use Arial Semi-bold to create text within the trefoil.

  • Headlines, pull quotes, and seasonal tags can be used as trefoil content, or you can use the mission excerpt.
trefoil  trefoil with mission

 5. Patterns

honeycomb   honeycomb inverted   wave   wave inverted   outline    outline inverted   luxe   luxe inverted   circle   check   check inverted

6. Age Level Logos and Logo Shorthands

Daisy logo OR   Daisy shorthand logo      Brownie logo OR     Brownie shorthand logo          Junior logoOR    Junior shorthand logo   
Cadette logoOR  Cadette shorthand logo       Senior logo OR  Senior shorthand logo      Ambassador logoOR  Ambassador shorthand logo
Volunteer logo or  Volunteer shorthand logo
7. Girl Award Logos and Cookie Program Logo
Gold Award icon         Silver Award icon          Bronze Award icon         Cookie logo