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Girl Scout Summer Day/Twilight Camp

Day/Twilight camp is a great introduction to camping and helps prepare girls for future resident camp experiences. At GSSI, day camps are held in various counties and are coordinated by local volunteer teams. Day camps run from 1-5 days or in the early evening, and often include an overnight. Each Day/Twilight Camp Director sets times and locations for the day camp in her area. 

Day/Twilight camp programming is based around a common theme, and can include swimming, boating, hiking, crafts, and environmental education activities. Most day/twilight camps this year included "Justice: for Earth and for Us" environmental justice activities funded by the Alcoa Foundation. 


Scenes from GSSI's 2015 Day Camps


Southwest Warrick Day Camp
@Camp Brosend


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SWW 2015 Day Camp 5    SWW 2015 Day Camp 7    SWW 2015 Day Camp 8   SWW 2015 Day Camp 12